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Since 1957 Permatron has designed and built application driven custom air filter products.  The first washable electrostatic filters were designed by Permatron for use in high dirt load environments such as paper mills and food processing plants.  Since then, we have designed and produced custom air filters for thousands of satisfied customers by meeting their specifications and performance needs.  We provide both industrial and/or commercial air filters.

Permatron is also the leading designer of air filter screens.  PreVent® filter screens work as pre-filters for use on outside and inside air intakes, catching debris before it can enter the system.   HailStop™ hail guard netting can also help protect outside air intake fins from hail damage.  Both of these products are custom sized and easily installed to any size HVAC equipment.

Chiller Unit with filter pads falling off - Ugly!
Chiller Unit with PreVent protection filter - Looking Good!

Home A/C Unit PreVent protection
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Easy Installation and Removal with Hardware Kit
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HAIL GUARD to protect your coils from costly storm damage
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PreVent after just a short time installed.
Look at all the dirt and debris it has kept out of the coils!!
PreVent Saves Money and Energy!!
Qualifies for LEEDS credits

Close up of captured dirt and debris.
Just rinse or vacuum off and it's back to new!!